Vedantu donates smartphones to students in Telangana
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Vedantu donates smartphones to students in Telangana

Vedantu Smartphone

To make online and quality education accessible to rural India amidst pandemic, Vedantu has donated 150 smartphones to government school students in Telangana

While e-learning has become a way of life amid pandemic, there are many who have no resources to access e-learning platforms. Vedantu, an interactive tutoring platform, has launched an initiative to make education accessible to students in rural India.

This initiative by Vedantu will provide resources to the students in rural India to access affordable education. As a part of its philanthropic initiative, the company has donated 150 smartphones, worth approximately INR 9 Lakhs, to the students in rural areas of Telangana whose education has been impacted adversely amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pulkit Jain, Co-founder & product head, Vedantu, said “As part of growing learning needs in our country, we realize we have a social responsibility to enable learning for those who don’t have access to the medium. With a view of assisting students to enable digital learning, we have launched the initiative to make quality learning and teaching available for all the students across affected rural India. This is a small step towards bringing in a revolution to make education accessible to all. Also, we have procured all the smartphones from local vendors in Telangana to promote the growth of local businesses during this unprecedented time.”

In addition to this, Vedantu has also encouraged its employees for making contribution towards the company’s initiative and a noble cause. This initiative is to enable rural schools to impart online education and make quality education accessible to their students. It will not only provide a number of students the resources to continue their education via smartphones but also help them get the necessary tutoring sessions that Vedantu is planning to provide to them for free in the near future.

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