Vedanta Lanjigarh supports India’s local artisans; acknowledged for its active CSR initiatives
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Vedanta Lanjigarh supports India’s local artisans; acknowledged for its active CSR initiatives


Vedanta Lanjigarh’s commitment to the social wellbeing of communities, recently gained acknowledgement at the India CSR Awards 2019, for Tribal Art and Dhokra Art Projects category as under its ‘Aajeevika’ initiative.

The initiative focuses on promoting, and supporting the tribal artisans, through their active platforms and training communities. The initiative gave a lift to the ancient Saura art form, and the Dhokra art form by re-introducing them in the mainstream art world. Rakesh Mohan, COO – Vedanta Limited, Lanjigarh unit, said, “By reviving these traditional and soon to be lost art forms, we have enabled many local artisans and budding female artists to explore their inherent skills and channelize them to develop a source of sustenance. This award is a great tribute to our commitment to the community and to our partnership with them in pushing this art form into the mainstream of Indian art.”

What is the Dhokra art form?

An ancient folk art tradition, Dhokra is practiced in selective regions such as Orissa, Jharkhand West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, etc. In order to preserve this traditional practice of art, Vedanta provided the artisans with training and skill development programmes, to help them upgrade adequate credentials to exhibit work at various portals. The Dhokra artists use the lost-wax casting technique to create metal scriptures and figures, which is a unique practice of art making. With the help of Vedanta, these artisans also got the chance to start earning while still in the training.

The firm also helped set up a tribal painting training academy, teaching the local community and young women that practiced and celebrated Saura art form. Vedanta is also actively involved in garnering an appropriate market setup for the artisans, to display their products and earn better.

Initiatives like these help keep the ancient practices of Indian hereditary live and moving! It also supports the people skilled in the art forms, thus, making them financially competent to pursue the craft.

Upadhi Rawat
Upadhi Rawat
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