Top 5 NGOs of India you should know about
Even Corporate Houses like Hindustan Powerprojects are not lagging behind in this social need fulfillment, under the guidance of Ratul Puri.
Big Corporate houses are taking great initiatives in providing health and education in remote areas
February 4, 2016
Bike Rally
Bike rally ‘Outride Hunger 2016’ organized to spread awareness about classroom hunger
February 20, 2016

Top 5 NGOs of India you should know about

top 5 ngos of india

NGOs have grown larger and stronger since the last decade. However, only a few of them have been able to leave an impact on the society. Despite being surrounded by all the troubles prevailing in our nation, be it lack of transparency or the rates of corruption. There are few NGOs that have risen to a level where their efforts have been noticed by the Indian community. The top notch 5 NGOs in India up until now are:

  1. Smile Foundation:

    Smile India NGO
    Started in 2002, this NGO works towards education amongst underprivileged children; since they are the building blocks of our nation. Other than that they work for the healthcare and women empowerment.

  2. Nanhi Kali:

    Nanhi Kali NGO
    With a goal of supporting education for about 1,00,000 girl children in a year, this NGO was started in 1996 by Anand Mahindra.

  3. GiveIndia Foundation:

    GiveIndia Foundation
    With its online and offline donation platform, Give India Foundation provide the details about the transparency and credibility of the money provided by the people. It was set up by an IIM-A alumnus for the organization of social upliftment.

  4. Goonj:

    Goonj NGO
    For creating its own milestones and heading way above than several NGOs, Forbes listed this NGO as the most powerful rural entrepreneur organization in India. It distributes more than 70,000 Kg of material per month.

  5. HelpAge India:

    HelpAge India NGO

    One of the oldest yet powerful NGO was set up in 1978 with an aim to support the poor and neglected elderly people of India. They provide various healthcare facilities to the poor for example cataract operations.

You can also do a bit to the society by sparing few hours from your day and providing monetary help to the NGOs for the development of this nation.

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