The Robin Hood Army: Creating Hunger fighters
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The Robin Hood Army: Creating Hunger fighters

Robin Hood Army

According to the United Nations, 690 million people suffer from hunger across the globe. The problem is not lack of food, it’s inadequate distribution and this is why The Robin Hood Army was founded by Neel Ghose, Aarushi Batra, and Anand Sinha. Functioning as a volunteer-based, zero-fund organization, it aims to join hands with restaurants and local communities in order to feed the underprivileged section of the society.

The Beginning

The Robin Hood Army started in mid-2015. However, the initial work began in Delhi in August 2014 after the three founders were inspired by the idea of Portugal’s Re-food Program. Working in tandem with food banks and private soup kitchens, the Portuguese aim to provide food to the needy at almost zero cost with regular visits to cafes, restaurant, and grocery stores for remaining food.

Initially, the founders operated via social media and tried to increase volunteers across cities as the scale of the project significantly contributes to its functioning and potential success. The organization was formally inducted after it managed a presence across 32 cities with more than 6,000 Robins (volunteers).


In 2017, The Robin Hood Army managed to successfully complete #Mission1Million project. Considered as one of its biggest milestones, the organization aimed to feed 1 million underprivileged people on Independence Day 2017. All this without raising a single penny.

On D -day, they managed to feed around 1.32 million. Commenting on this national accomplishment, Aarushi Batra said, “As the youth of our nation, it is imperative that we take the onus, stop blaming the state for everything, and use our skills and collective network to make a real difference.”


Leading by example

The success of 2017 led to global attention for The Robin Hood Army. One year later, they were featured as a study in Harvard University for implementing a civic model to successfully fight a global cause without funds.

Currently, they have served nearly 3 crore people across 159 cities.


You can apply through their website or have a look at their work at rha_india on Instagram. 


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