Hindustan Powerprojects
May 24, 2016

Hindustan Powerprojects sets a new benchmark in the field of Medical Evacuation

Hindustan Powerprojects adopted Medical evacuation in order to aid the employees who suffered from injuries in the accident at Anuppur district of Madhya Pradesh. With the […]
March 8, 2016

Women self-help groups marched from Baba Pahari to Takhuli on International Women’s Day

 The woman of the day is growing at every step and her empowerment is celebrated every year on March 8, 2016. In order to acknowledge her […]
February 4, 2016
Even Corporate Houses like Hindustan Powerprojects are not lagging behind in this social need fulfillment, under the guidance of Ratul Puri.

Big Corporate houses are taking great initiatives in providing health and education in remote areas

We know that food, shelter and clothing are important for a person’s survival but do you know what is important for the growth of the same? […]