Running Beyond Myself by Darode-Jog Pvt. Ltd.
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Running Beyond Myself by Darode-Jog Pvt. Ltd.


Doing things for the sake of others and for the improvement of so called backward and underprivileged is not something which anybody can do. Because selflessness should be negated in order to benefit the society. Be it on a large scale or small, the sense of empathy need to be infused in one’s conscious to something for the strangers who are deprived of few things which we are enjoying in lives. And when corporate houses come forward to contribute in any of the social cause, their gesture of kindness is counted among their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Real estate developers Darode-Jog Private Limited sponsored a marathon kind of running event, Running Beyond Myself in Pune. It was a charity run organized by Pune Running and its profits were donated to KEM Hospital for further uses. Chairman of Darode-Jog Private Limited, Mr. Sudhir Darode was very enthusiastic towards organizing such a great cause. The staff of the company volunteered in the planning the event and execution of the same. The event was a success in gathering the crowd of Pune people in huge numbers who all ran for the cause. Celebrities like Milind Soman also supported the cause and took the liberty to be a part of such a noble initiative.

Running Beyond Myself was an event held with success and Darode-Jog was able to collect a considerate amount of donations to be given to the hospital.

Darode-Jog & Associates came in existence back in the year 1983 as Mr Sudhir Dorde and Mr. Anand Jog partnered to form this company. In short span of time they were able to turn themselves into a pvt. Ltd. company, which is now renowned as Darode-Jog Private Limited. Now they are a full scale builder organization.

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