Relief India Trust is proceeding towards a better tomorrow
relief india trust
Relief India Trust: Proceeding towards fulfilling the dream of better nation
August 17, 2015
Relief India Trust
Relief India Trust empowering the underprivileged
August 20, 2015

Relief India Trust is proceeding towards a better tomorrow


We live in a world where we find division of human beings into various categories which is created by us only. People face discrimination on the basis of gender, race, culture, religion, class (and caste in India) and other unrecognized biasness against the so called backward and underprivileged people of society. This underprivileged race is ill treated and never receives that attention which is required in such condition. That lack of attention towards these people digs the gulf of discrimination even deeper. That lack of attention includes basic facilities like food, shelter, proper health, clean water and other social facilities like education. In this dark abyss of despair non-profit organizations are that ray of hope which proves to be a boon for these people who are striving to live their lives. These organizations come forward not only during the hour of need but also volunteers at any time of the day, week, month and year. The aim behind this ever ready approach of these NGOs is their endeavoring efforts to establish a balance in the society where everybody has the access of basic facilities. Following the path of these organizations, Relief India Trust is also striving towards developing an exceptional society by fostering affluence among the marginalized section.

Few questions must be popping up in your mind that how do these organizations operate their functions and what must be their key areas. This article will help you in understanding the same as their objectives has been elaborated over here:

Mode of Operation

As these organization don’t have finance to go ahead, NGOs like Relief India Trust promote donations among the well established section of society, and these people willingly donate the ample resources to NGOs for the needy ones as these donors have it in excess and looking for alternatives to utilize these resources. So they consider donations as the best available option to serve the need of underprivileged section of society. People from different field offer their services to support the “others” by volunteering for the cause without any cost.

Non-profit organizations also cater the need of underprivileged people in various sectors where they lack the basic social facilities like:

  • Education: There are more than thousand remote areas in India where people are not able to utilize their ‘Right to Education’ due to the lack of specific resources which are required to avail this opportunity. Then organizations like Relief India Trust come forward for the promotion of education in the areas where it is most needed. Financial assistance is provided to the aspirants of these areas along with other necessary materials, so that they can meet their educational requirements with its help. Awareness camps are also organized in these areas for making them aware about many career opportunities which are available in front of them.


  • Medical facilities: These organizations know the importance of healthy body and healthy mind and that is why they organize health camps time to time for the underprivileged in far-off areas where certain medical facilities are provided to them along with free of cost medicines, health check-ups, etc. Relief India Trust is not lagging behind in spreading awareness among the masses regarding the importance of sanitation and hygiene by educating them through campaigns.

If these NGOs wouldn’t have been there, then how could we expect the existence of a society in equilibrium? Our expectations and hopes are an outcome of philanthropic services been provided by these organizations which is leading the society towards a better tomorrow.

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