Qualcomm Modifies Its ThinkabitLab Program To Address STEM Knowledge Gap
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Qualcomm Modifies Its ThinkabitLab Program To Address STEM Knowledge Gap

Thinkabit Lab

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of our infrastructure to cope with a global crisis, particularly the healthcare industry. Around the world, countries struggle to contain the spread of the disease as the medical centers and hospitals are overflowed with patients and the demand for critical supplies and equipment has shot through the roof.

This highlighted the important role played by engineers and inventors who design equipment like ventilators and other devices that keep people safe and connected. Such an event has seen more children considering engineering as a career. Picking up on this growing trend, Qualcomm has pivoted its online learning system for allowing students to pick up STEM as a subject.

Qualcomm, an American technology giant, had started a program called Qualcomm ThinkabitLab for the benefit of students across the globe in 2014. Since then, the program has benefitted 78,000 plus students worldwide, engaging them in various topics and STEM-related studies.

This year, the program has been modified to allow students from various socio-economic background to explore engineering as well as non-engineering career paths. ThinkabitLab will allow students to engage in hands-on activities and help them understand their potential and their possible contributions towards solving problems.

ThinkabitLab will be holding its program online for the first time and will encompass a week-long invention-based remote STEM camps. Participating teachers will receive support from trained ThinkabitLab staff to create a holistic learning environment for the students. Hardware like tablets and laptops will also be provided to those who require them.

Building on last year’s momentum will be on the top of the list as participating students expressed a desire to return the following year. Qualcomm’s ThinkabitLab has also been credited with fostering an interest amongst the youth towards STEM-related careers through its interactive learning programs. Participating students also expressed an increased interest in STEM-related fields.

A press release from Qualcomm stated that this year’s program has been designed with the aim of empowering and motivating under-represented students in STEM education by introducing them to hands-on learning of engineering skills, problem-solving, innovation and collaboration.


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