World Cancer Awareness Day – Nims Chairman interacts with medical students
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World Cancer Awareness Day – Nims Chairman interacts with medical students

nims celebrates world cancer awareness day

nims celebrates world cancer awareness day

World Cancer Awareness Day is marked on 7th November to spread awareness about Cancer and its causes and signs & symptoms. Prof. (Dr.) Balbir s. Tomar, Chairman & Chancellor, Nims University interacted with medical students on World Cancer Awareness Day about the prevention, detection and treatment of this fatal disease.

Cancer is a widely spreading disease which has become one of the major concerning issues these days. Thus, there arises a dire need to spread awareness against this disease and ensure appropriate measures to safeguard people. Cancer leads to abnormal growth of cells with a threat to invade other body parts and potential to claim several lives. It results in the formation of a tumor having unregulated growth of cells with diffused distribution.

Prof. Tomar made the students aware about the precautions, signs and symptoms of this lethal disease. He told the University students that how cancer is that group of numerous diseases which has common factors and can spread in any body, regardless of gender and age. Its core area involves affecting and damaging the living cells in a body, be it human or not. It was a great initiative by Niims University to spread awareness against this perilous disaster.

NIMS Chairman mentioned that numerous factors are to be held responsible for this disease. He further discussed the various stages of cancer and pointed out that Tobacco is the major risk factor associated with cancer. This disease is potentially curable if diagnosed at an early stage. There are various ways to combat this disease. It can be prevented by avoiding smoking and maintaining healthy eating and drinking practices. Prof. Tomar stated that avoiding too much exposure to sunlight, being vaccinated against certain infectious diseases, eating plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains and not eating too much processed and red meat are some of the measure to safeguard oneself against this disease.

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