Mumbai to host India CSR POSH Summit & Awards 2020 in June
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Mumbai to host India CSR POSH Summit & Awards 2020 in June

CSR POSH Summit & Awards

In June 2020, Mumbai is going to organise India CSR POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Summit and Awards 2020 for Inclusive Workplace. It is aimed at encouraging best practices and perceiving associations that have accepted and exceeded expectations in creating a safe and dignified work environment for people from different cultures.

The summit is being organised by India CSR, the country’s largest CSR think tank company that introduced the award. It will consider the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) 5 Gender Equality. Objective 5 aims at stopping all types of inequality and crime against women in all sectors and to embrace changes for giving them equivalent rights to financial assets and economic resources.

Today’s working environment in India is commanded by law to give shelter and make sure that workplaces are liberated from lewd behaviour for all women. A number of panel discussions, workshops, leadership talks would be held to provide attendees and viewers with information to handle real-world issues.

‘India CSR POSH Awards’ is an event organised at a large scale and it’s an initiative to prevent sexual harassment at workplaces. Rewards and remunerations are provided for innovative and best practices in this area.

As organizations in India are leading towards creating an equal and safe workplace for their employees, ‘India CSR POSH Awards for Inclusive Workplace’ glorifies their efforts for their extraordinary work with POSH.

POSH act, 2013 mandates all organizations over ten employees to build an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) which decides the platform for grievances against sexual harassment at the workplace.

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