McCain and its CSR policies since 1957
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January 30, 2016
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McCain and its CSR policies since 1957

McCain Foods

McCain Foods

What comes to your mind after hearing, potato? And where do French fries lead you? Apart from heaven, obviously! McCain Foods is catering all your potato needs from almost half a century. Do you know that it is concerned about the environment in which it operates and the frozen food giant is acknowledging that environmental need since its establishment? Well, you know now! Want to see how? Once upon a time, there was a potato…

But the time changed and after looking at the cut-throat competition in the market, where people were giving preference to socially responsible brands, McCain decided to take off the curtain from the beauty of its business philosophy, which is entirely based on Corporate Social Responsibility and launched its CSR report.

McCain needs energy for its production process that is why it invested in two major projects to set up renewable sources of energy for its Whittlesey production plant. These plants are environment-friendly. McCain additionally developed a wind turbine system and waste water treatment system to produce energy from the wind and utilise the water using each possible method respectively. The latter is more like a totally covered lagoon sort of tank, where the leftover water from the production process is stored for producing methane gas.

McCain Foods has three pillars of responsibility that are respecting the environment, inspiring wellness and positively impacting the people. That is why the organisation highlights these aspects in its advertisements as well, where they never show the child below the age of 12, acting in the same. McCain neither places advertisements in media that are targeting at children nor does it represent the nutritional value of its products inaccurately.

So we can say that somebody is aware of its responsibilities towards the society and environment in which it operates and proving its worth to all by taking certain measures towards keeping the environment safe and clean.

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