The lesser-known philanthropic side of Odisha-based tycoon Mahimananda Mishra
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The lesser-known philanthropic side of Odisha-based tycoon Mahimananda Mishra

Mahimananda Mishra

While establishing a flourishing empire isn’t an ordinary feat, a few entrepreneurs go beyond than just making high revenues. They stand by others during adversities and pull people out of their woes. Fortunately, India boasts of a pool of such entrepreneurs who make a fortune and believe in giving back to the society. Mahimananda Mishra, the managing director and chief executive officer of Orissa Stevedores Limited (OSL), is certainly one of them.

Working on the lines of the vision and mission of its managing director, OSL Group is known for creating and improving educational and medical facilities for the poor in the backward districts of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. It has always stood by its employees and their families during their ups and downs. The group has a staff welfare fund from where the employees can fetch funds during their time of need and repay it without any interest.


Under the aegis of Mahimananda Mishra, OSL Group religiously undertakes several CSR initiatives such as ensuring free education and healthcare facilities. The group is committed to the communities for which it works. Mostly, it engages in local communities through the projects and initiatives it supports.

Employee health, safety and environment are among the high priorities at OSL Group. It strives to provide comprehensive health services covering the employees as well as their families. Apart from this, the group also works for ensuring the beautification of cities, distribution of food at old age homes and orphanages, donation of clothes to the needy, providing food, temporary electricity and water during natural calamities. Additionally, it organizes blood donation camps, tree plantation drives, promotes cleanliness through Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, distributes drinking water/refreshments during festivals, provides electric lamp posts in streets and distributes refreshments as a part of its summer relief plan.

Taking ahead his father’s legacy, Mahimananda Mishra is ensuring that all the children in Paradip get good education so they can break free from the social shackles and move ahead in life. He transformed the entire city and ensured that it remained safe from the malicious forces. It wouldn’t be wrong to call him Mishra a leader who has revolutionized the lives of many. With a major focus on the development of the nation, he started working on the ideology of Aatmanirbhar Bharat over 3 decades ago.

Mahimananda Mishra is first and foremost a humanitarian at heart. It is well evident from the way he stepped up to ensure that the Paradip port stood back on its feet when it was hit by the worst cyclone ever in 1999. With over 10,000 people losing their lives, the port was devastated to an extent.  Mishra immediately sprang into action and stood by the residents like the head of the family.

Though it’s one thing to sympathize with someone going through a rough phase, it’s another to step forward for aiding them in overcoming the challenges. Mahimananda Mishra has always believed in the latter. Working selflessly, he has set the perfect precedent for others with his noble initiatives.

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