Last Moyo enlightening the aspirants with his research works
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Last Moyo enlightening the aspirants with his research works

Last Moyo- CrossBarriers

Last Moyo

“The true purpose of education is to make minds, not careers”
– William Deresiewicz
In other words, enlightening the minds of individuals ought to be the sole motivation behind training, rather than helping them to pick one vocation above other. There is an absence of such training framework in many parts of the world, where the enthusiastic youngsters are taught to first look after the set principles in the society and after that continue with their advantages. Mankind is on the periphery of human lifestyle.
Inverse to that, there are few innovators in this education system, who are doing their bit by touching this periphery. Last Moyo has taught media studies at University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and acquainted a considerable measure of zealous personalities through diverse modes, including political economy of the media in Southern Africa, African Media System and new media & society.
Last Moyo has used these ranges of his mastery with his advantage zones like new ICTs and participatory democracies in Africa, media political economies, comparative media systems, development communities and peace journalism. Cooperatively everything leaves such an effect on his audience, that an awareness of responsibility get activated and supported in youth and others.
In his research works, center of attraction are South African Countries, its media framework and rights of people. His research works addresses issues like these, where studies them altogether and represents the outcome in best light.
In many of his publications, Moyo has referred to the race, human rights and situation of media in Zimbabwe, where then again he discusses legislative issues and media in foreign lands too.
Moyo is contributing on his part so as to spread mindfulness among masses among general public, which at last help his students to look at the society with an alternate point of view.

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