How Social Entrepreneurship is a Game Changer in Indian Healthcare Sector?
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How Social Entrepreneurship is a Game Changer in Indian Healthcare Sector?

Social entrepreneurs can play a huge role in establishing robust healthcare system with an innovative model and assistance from government agencies. A business mindset may not meld with public service, but a social mindset can definitely achieve this goal.

Entrepreneurs are motivated by money. They see a business opportunity and come up with a venture to generate revenues. While social entrepreneurs like Shweta Mangal, the former CEO of Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, look for the existing problems in the society and come up with different solutions to those problems. There’s a huge risk in social entrepreneurship, compared to the traditional one and it requires funds to operate smoothly.

This is where government agencies can play a pivotal role in changing the healthcare game in India. It is not possible for the government to reach out to every individual for healthcare services in a country like India. Social entrepreneurs can reach out to the public for their healthcare needs, especially during epidemics. With a population of over 1.3 billion, India needs social entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector more than any other nation.

Social entrepreneurship can leave a lasting impact on the healthcare industry by creating sustainable social ventures to address the healthcare problems. Many healthcare organizations call upon social entrepreneurs for establishing innovative methods. The best thing about social entrepreneurs is the readiness to volunteer for any cause to serve the society.

Indian healthcare system is very different from other healthcare ecosystems. A unique approach is required to make a difference. Certainly, the growth of social enterprises must be encouraged. This is probably the best chance for the country’s healthcare system to overcome the issues of the past and prepare for the upcoming challenges in a better way, says Shweta Mangal.

The ultimate goal is to save previous lives and improve the system. Already, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, it is high time for the authorities to engage social entrepreneurs and work in tandem for better results in the future.

Avantika Tyagi
Avantika Tyagi
Avantika Tyagi is a student at JNU who is actively proposes philanthropically led responsibilities by different businesses. She opines strongly in favor of leading companies working towards discretionary CSR activities, and how they need to categorize their foundational responsibilities apart from social duties.

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