Kalavihar Summer Camp organized from 26th April to 30th April 2016
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Kalavihar Summer Camp organized from 26th April to 30th April 2016



Global Foundation is a widely known and accredited Public Charitable Trust of the Global Group, which strives to ensure the welfare of the society. In an attempt to raise social awareness using sporty tricks to educate the students, Global Foundation, Pinguli organized a full time Kalavihar Summer Camp from 26th April to 30th April 2016. 28 students (18 boys and 10 girls) participated in the event with zeal, fervor and enthusiasm.

 It was a full time residential Kalavihar Summer Camp which inaugurated on 26th April 2016. The event was graced with the presence of a number of renowned personalities like Mr. Chaudhari, (Chairman of Manorama charitable trust), Mr. Shah, Head of Police department of Kudal&Laxman Desai and all staff of Global Foundation. It is for the third time that Global Foundation organized a Full Time Summer Camp.

The camp was inaugurated with the introduction of the students and the formation of four groups on the first day. The teams were briefed about the agenda of five days program and were made aware about the harmful effects of plastic and the way old newspapers can be used to make carry bags in a session conducted by Mrs. Prabhu.


The camp session on 27th April included Yoga session by Mrs. TruptiToraskar followed by Shramdan by Students, sessions on anchoring and dance by Miss. KavitaRawool and Mr. YuvrajNaik. It also focused on the importance of various sports and education. Mr. Salaskar taught the students how to play devotional songs with melodious music accompanied with Tabla& Harmonium.

The session on 28th April included a Yoga session by Dr. Damale followed by Shramdan by the students and a drawing & paining session for students for encouraging drawing skills using various art forms of ancient rural Varli Paintings. Dr, Gavaskar took session on First Aid and how to take care of health.

On the Fourth day, students visited the College of Horticulture and fishery plants. Prof. NitinSawant explained the importance of agriculture and fishery. At the fishery students saw long trays of fish eggs under water that will turn into trout. After this students visited SarsoliDham Temple. In the evening Abhay Desai who came from Mumbai took the activity games on team building and concentration. After the dinner students presented drama on Addiction, Clean India, Pollution and Water saving.

The final day of the event was fully conducted & arranged by the participants only. They arranged a welcome speech, explained the concept of the event & finally expressed their gratitude towards the Organizers of the event. YashdaKoli presented their beautiful poems on Global foundation team. The Certificates of participation were distributed to all the participants by honorable guest. Also the prizes

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