Fujifilm India collaborates with NGO to eradicate Child Sexual Abuse
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Fujifilm India collaborates with NGO to eradicate Child Sexual Abuse

Fujifilm India collaborates with NGO

Fujifilm India Private Limited, a Japanese multinational photography and imaging company, has announced their partnership with Parwarish Cares Foundation. The foundation is an NGO committed towards the welfare of children and women to spread awareness among children around the prevalent yet ignored issue of child sexual abuse in the society. Through their campaign #AaoBaatKarein crafted by Parwarish Cares Foundation, both Tokyo based firm, Fujifilm India and the NGO will work towards making India free from Child Sexual Abuse by 2030.

As part of the awareness initiative, the company has been conducting educational workshops in John F Kennedy Public School, G.D Goenka School, Noida and Humana Foundation, Faridabad. It also aims to further reach out to several public as well as government schools in order to educate children about the pressing issue.

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is an imperative human rights issue and a public health concern. Despite continuous efforts in this regard, the children are still deprived of the education and awareness around this alarming issue. Through this association with Parwarish Cares Foundation, Fujifilm seeks to make a difference in lives of the children and parents by spreading awareness around the difference between good and bad touch along with the ways children can communicate with their parents about the issue among others.

Pertaining to the startling rate of child sexual abuse in India, the Indian government has introduced various measures from time to time to put a stop to child abuse altogether. Speaking about the association, Mr Haruto Iwata, Managing Director, Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Through creative posters and flyers, photo opportunity – ‘Instax Frame’ created with Fujifilm’s Instax range of cameras, we organized engaging fun activities during the workshops to spread happiness and create awareness among these eleven thousand children about CSA.”

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