Dr. Mukund Sarda Bharati Vidyapeeth University organized symposium on women empowerment and justice
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September 18, 2015
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Dr. Mukund Sarda Bharati Vidyapeeth University organized symposium on women empowerment and justice


The world is waking up to a new rhythm. Times are getting changed. Women, who for centuries had been oppressed against, are now fighting back to restore their long lost dignified stature in the society. Feminists, all across the country have been voicing their opinion in favor of ensuring a safe, secure and respected life for women. This is nothing less than a beacon of hope for many who long to live a better life. Married, unmarried or widowed, women are still to get their due place in the society.  Indian Constitution and law can offer the biggest help to women. In this regard, Dr. Mukund Sarda Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Dean and Principal, New Law college,Pune as well organized a symposium on ‘Justice & Women Empowerment’ for counselors. This was done in order to help counselors handle matrimonial disputes.

The event was attended by over 100 counselors. Speaking at the convention were Justice Dr. Mrs. Shalini S. Phansalkar Joshi, Judge, Bombay High Court, Mrs. Shailaja Sawant, Principal Judge, Family Court, Pune and Mr. Sudam Gayke, Vice-President, Association Of Marriage Counselors, Family Courts, Maharashtra State,

Dr. Mrs. Shalini S. Phansalkar Joshi laid emphasis on the role of a counselor in a case involving marital discord. She stated that a counselor is the link between courts and litigants. She further suggested the counselors to analyze a case from an emotional view point as this at times leads to greater good of all the concerned parties. But then this should be exercised with care after all.

Dr. Mukund Sarda elaborated that the best way to solve a matrimonial dispute is by having the couple work on developing an understanding. It is about mutual respect. The spouses should not undermine each other’s contribution. Communications must be verbal rather than depending upon the social media. The parenting counseling is the emerging area which needs to be addressed. The respect for the women should be inculcated during the upbringing of the children.

During the convention, various important issues were talked about including child custody, property issues and crime against women. The major topic of discussion in the convention was that the counselors should use scientific and innovative methods in there counseling. In physical abuse and torture cases ‘Domestic Information Report’ shall be filed and no attempt for counseling or settlement shall be made.


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