Dorian Murray’s popularity reaching out the world
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January 29, 2016
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Dorian Murray’s popularity reaching out the world

Dorian Murray


The world is supporting #DStrong with one single agenda in mind, to make Dorian Murray famous. The #hashtag turned movement started this month and the home turf of the 8-years-old, Rohde Island declared Dorian Murray Week from January 24th to January 30th, 2016, officially proclaimed by The Westerly Town Council itself.

The incurable rhabdomyosarcoma was found in spinal fluids of Dorian, four years ago. Now imagine the pain and struggle a four-year-old had to go through since that day till now. The pediatric cancer is taking away his life but the enthusiastic fellow has a lively free spirit who also wishes to go to the heaven full of a buffet, with attached bathroom in case of urgent need.

Such adorable kid!

The life of Dorian is way more complicated than an 8-year-old’s life. He is not only receiving people’s support across the globe but a wave of motivation has stirred the calm ocean of just ‘people’, which is introducing ‘humans’ on the surface of that tranquility.

The way this young child has unconsciously encouraged a hell lot of people to make him famous in China, Spain, USA, West Virginia and lots of other countries, is an inspiration for all of us. And the way all these strangers are coming forward to make Dorian famous on the “bridge in China”, i.e. the Great Wall of China, restores everybody’s faith in humanity that it doesn’t take a moment to share a bond of belongingness with someone else sitting in another corner of the world.

Dorian wishes, “I am just thinking, before I go to heaven, to try to be famous like as much as I can”, and ‘humans’ are doing everything in their hands to fulfill this innocent wish and prove that, yes dreams do come true.

It’s time for India to make him famous in the East as well. a humble request from the whole team of CrossBarriers to post your picture on facebook with #DStrong, so that the kid may also know that he’s got India’s back.

Let’s make Dorian Murray famous!

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