Day care facilities in workspace and their benefits
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Day care facilities in workspace and their benefits

The Maternity Bill Act was amended and passed in April 2017. Effective from July 2017, it stipulates that a company with 50 or more employees to provide them with crèche services. The Act states a prescribed distance and also permits the women employees to visit the facility four times a day. The crèche can be individual or shared.

Owing to the amendments, several reputed names in the real estate industry,such as Prestige Group, Embassy Developers and K Raheja Corp have either set up or are in process of setting up crèches in their projects.

While many companies are setting up crèches and day care in their facilities, a large number of them are also dependent on the realty developers to provide a common facility in the buildings. A lot of companies are also looking forward to setting up crèche facilities nearby.
The convenience of crèches in the workplace enables working parents to address the challenge of sacrificing their jobs. There is nothing more worrisome for a working parent. If implemented properly, crèches will help corporate employers tackle various challenges that come with parenthood.

Providing such facilities creates a win-win situation for both, the employer and the employee. Companies which provide family support are also likely to witness a loyal workforce, especially parents.
Chandru Raheja, the chairman of K Raheja Corp, and Irfan Razack as the Chief Managing Director of Prestige Group, are taking concrete steps in providing these facilities to their employees.

Looking at the broader picture, following are the benefits of daycare in work-spaces:

Increased productivity:

Various researches have shown that employees who use daycare services are focused on the tasks at hand. On-site childcare helps reducing stress and anxiety related to finding the right facilities for children. It also ensures that the employees attention is on work and not elsewhere.

Emotional security:

Separation anxiety can take a toll on people’s lives, especially new parents. Crèches in workspaces allow parents to check on their kids during lunch hours or short intervals. Moreover, they have the comfort of their children being cared for by people associated with their employer.

Gives a moral boost:

A lot of working mothers contemplate working versus staying at home after giving birth or adopting a child. Understanding their concerns and providing such services makes them feel valued and honored. This boosts their morale and eventually benefits the company.

Apart from this, one of the biggest benefits that needs to be discussed in detail is employee retention. Since affordable and dependable childcare is hard to find, parents understand its value and view it as a significant convenience factor. A study by Bright Horizons also showed that 23 per cent of parents did not agree to a new job offer due to lack of on-site childcare options.

Considering the number of women joining the workforce, the facility is set to help them maintain work-life balance. A labor officer will also be assigned to check if the bill is being complied to.

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