Count On Me: Reliance Industries Ltd Spends Rs 1,140 Crore On CSR Initiatives In FY21
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Count On Me: Reliance Industries Ltd Spends Rs 1,140 Crore On CSR Initiatives In FY21

In what has been a dark, ominous year for India, countless organizations and individuals have come forward and lit up the lights of millions. During the first half of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing second wave, support in terms of donations, supplies and COVID care has been pouring in from all angles. Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) is one of many organizations that have been focusing their attention to the plight of the underprivileged and needy during such times.

RIL has been a major contributor to not only India’s fight against the pandemic but also in the fight for equality and quality education. In FY21, it spent Rs 1,140 crore on CSR initiatives across the nation, as against Rs 1,022 crore in FY 20.


Joining the efforts of the government as well as other organizations, RIL provided healthcare facilities and medical supplies like oxygen, COVID care shelters and PPE kits. It set up India’s first COVID care hospital in Mumbai besides another 2,300 plus beds for COVID care and treatment all over the country.

It’s Jamnagar plant was modified to produce 1,000 tons of oxygen per day for the needs of nearly 1 lakh patients in a single day. 81 lakh reusable masks were also provided to frontline workers and essential service providers in 21 states and 2 Union Territories. Additionally, over 14,000 ambulances and vehicles engaged in COVID duties were refueled free of cost by the firm.

Social Initiatives

RIL also invested its CSR efforts in rural transformation, creating 131 lakh cubic meters of water harvesting capacity. Upskilling and training programs for 10,000 representatives and village volunteers were conducted in partnership with 39 organizations across 20 states and 150+ cities.


The Reliance Foundation Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Sciences was launched to nurture India’s enigmatic youth in harnessing the power of technology, which will prove vital in India’s growth. Teaching and non-teaching staff of all Reliance Foundation Schools were trained on technology platforms and another 75 government schools in Madhya Pradesh were upgraded as well.

A society moves forward when the uniquely positioned organizations and individuals invest their time and efforts in bettering the lives of the less-privileged and the have-nots. RIL’s initiatives may be but a drop in the ocean of CSR activities in India but one should always remember that it is the small things that bring about great changes.

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