November 12, 2020
Piramal Sarvajal

Standard Chartered and Piramal Sarvajal to provide safe drinking water to 3 lakh people

Standard Chartered Bank and Piramal Sarvajal have joined hands to provide 3 lakh people with access to safe drinking water. Earlier, both the organizations were together […]
January 29, 2020

Reliance industries to commercialise its ‘Plastic to Road’ Initiative under the brand name ‘Reroute’

Reliance to come up with a new road project to tackle plastic pollution Not for nothing is the Mukesh Ambani-owned company known as one of the […]
October 18, 2019

Blind Relief Association organises the Diwali Bazar 2019, an event supporting a Noble Cause.

Organised since 1980 and housing more than 250 stalls with vendors from across the country, the Blind Relief Association’s ‘Blind School Diwali Mela’ or popularly known […]
September 25, 2019

Maharashtra outlines a definitive water policy; helps curb the flood crisis

Despite their annual nature, India remains unprepared for floods that damage states, claim hundreds of lives and ravage valuable resources worth thousands of crore year after […]
November 25, 2017
Indian martyrs

ICICI Bank extends financial aid to families of Indian martyrs

ICICI Bank has come up with an initiative to provide financial aid to families of the Indian Martyrs. To honor the brave soldiers and improve the […]