How a corporate NGO partnerships can make this world a better Place?
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November 6, 2017
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How a corporate NGO partnerships can make this world a better Place?

corporate NGO partnership

With time, corporates while making profits, are taking initiatives to work for the betterment of the society. Though, the question is, can they really make the world a better place while earning profits?
In corporate NGO partnerships; the goals, structure and working cultures of NGO and corporate are entirely different from each other. In a partnership, the objectives of both the organizations are different. Though, these differences have been able to get bridged with time.

corporate NGO partnerships
The corporate leaders today, are putting more emphasis on ‘acting’ as a part of their social action and not just ‘giving’. Increasingly, they are trying to change and move their activities more towards bringing a social change.


• Shared-Goal

For a partnership to be effective, it needs to be built on the basis of common/shared goals. If both the partners strive to achieve different goals, they’ll move in varied directions, leading to the failure of each other’s objectives. The partnership will be efficient and productive only if their lies a common interest between both the partners.

• Efficient Communication

There is need for partners to remain loyal to each other, and be transparent in their actions. Only that can make the relationship stronger and effective. Nicky Day, director of corporate partnerships, WWF-UK says: “We find a cultural exchange at the beginning of a partnership to tease out how each other works and how we might best work together on a day to day basis is very useful.”

• Working towards each other’s benefit

Even when the goal of both the partners is common, there is certain benefit that both of them expect from each other and that is what can vary. Where the corporates help NGOs scale faster, the NGOs can help business to understand their social impact and responsibilities.

The business leaders today are trying to bridge the gap between businesses and social businesses, and are taking steps towards building the organizations on the base of profitability, sustainability and social progress. Together, corporates and NGOs while in partnership, can create a greater and a better impact than they are capable of achieving alone.

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