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butterfly child welfare

Future of our nation lies in deprived, uncertain hands resting under benches, trees in the constant bone freezing cold and skin burning heat. The children of India will be the legacy it leaves behind and yet; the current situation leaves us in quite shameful distress. Keeping in mind the gravity of this issue, Butterfly – Child Welfare Program was started.

Who they are?

Butterfly is a registered voluntary organization working for the most vulnerable groups of children, especially the working children and street since 1989. With a non-institutional, rights based approach the organization wishes to educate and fuse life skills to these vulnerable children so that they become self dependent. Over the years Butterflies has started a number of innovative interventions in the field and partnered with various non-government and governmental agencies for the support of children.

Butterfly has also been working with children in Uttarakhand since 2010 and in the Tsunami hit areas of Andaman and Nicobar Islands since 2005.

The major programs of Butterfly are:

Education, Child Health Cooperative (CHC), Children’s Development Khazana (life skills programme teaching financial management), Children's Media (radio, newspaper, video and theatre), Resilience Centre & Child-line (1098, 24 hour helpline for children in crisis), and vocational training (includes Butterflies School of Culinary & Catering and computer education).

Butterfly also has an advocacy, research and training wing, which works in the support of mobilization of civil society and influences government policies at all levels.

What they do?

The concept of ‘Butterfly’ is based on presenting the two most vital aspects of welfare; well-round development and a holistic education. With this aim, children at Lakshyam are taught English, Hindi, Computer Sciences and Math. They focus on strategically filling in the gaps in formal education.

Lakshyam focuses on English and Computer Science more so that these children don’t struggle in the future, especially if they work in private and IT sector.

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