Business groups retaining a humanitarian approach to deal with Covid-19 pandemic
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Business groups retaining a humanitarian approach to deal with Covid-19 pandemic

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Govind Dholakia, Mahimananda Mishra, Pramod Bhasin, among others, step up with financial aid and initiatives for their employees during Covid-19 pandemic.  

Leaving the world grappling with a humanitarian crisis, the repercussions of Covid-19 pandemic posed an unprecedented challenge for the world economy, bringing it to a standstill. While it has rendered several people unemployed with a number organizations laying them off and deducting the salary of those who are still working, there a few benevolent leaders who stepped forward to help their employees sail through the troubled waters.

Being a guardian to their employees, they ensured that all their interests are well taken care of during these challenging times. Let’s take a look at these enterprises and their benevolent leaders who upheld their CSR promises during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Shree Ramkrishna Exports

A globally-renowned and respected player in the diamond industry, Shree Ramkrishna Exports did not let its employees bear the brunt of the pandemic. All its 6000+ employees (including contracted workforce) were paid complete salary during the lockdown days. Led by Govind Dholakia, the company did not set off any eligible paid leaves which the respective employees were already having in their account.


In its attempt to help the employees cope up with the spiraling negative thoughts amid this difficult time, this smartphone brand held a number of internal engagement campaigns along with organizing comic styled tips and tricks for managing work from home efficiently. Helping the employees in overcoming stress, it also introduced several fitness challenges, interesting quiz and games.


OSL Group

Mahimananda Mishra-led OSL Group provided 5000+ PPE kits to its workers, along with vitamins supplements and immunity-boosting pills to all its employees and site staff and distributed food and refreshments to the underprivileged during the lockdown. As a major relief to the employees and their families infected by the deadly virus, Mahimananda Mishra collaborated with a private hospital through his flagship company to offer free treatment to them. The hospital also provided regular monitoring by doctors, nurses, ICU facilities along with the essential medication.


Clix Capital

With the pandemic taking a toll on the mental wellbeing of the employees, it becomes equally important to focus on it apart from pledging money and offering financial security. Considering this, Clix Capital, founded by Pramod Bhasin and Anil Chawla, came up with a channel for its employees mainly focused on health and wellness. It covered motivational videos by senior leaders on themes like enhancing productivity during WFH, emotional wellbeing, etc.


While every one hopes and prays for this long battle to come to an end soon, all organizations would surely be remembered for all what they did for their employees amid this challenging phase. Moreover, such difficult times may come and go, but these selfless leaders would surely be hailed for how they helped their fellow beings sail through this time of adversity and hardship despite the pandemic taking a severe toll on the corporate sector and the country’s economy altogether.


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