BSES, catalyzing the process of women empowerment one step at a time
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October 10, 2018
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BSES, catalyzing the process of women empowerment one step at a time

women empowerment

Working on the issue of women empowerment, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) wing of the power distribution company BSES said that its programs have empowered more than three lakh women so far. The improvement has been visible in education, energy conservation, health and many more areas.

The statement released by the company said, “In the last four years, the discoms’ CSR programs have empowered over 3 lakh women, which is around 50 per cent of the total (over) six lakh beneficiaries,” It also added, “Moreover, these programs have benefited women between the ages of 12 and 97 years.”

There are multiple programs being run by the company such as adult literacy, vocational training and self-defense, which are dedicated for women. Other initiatives like energy conservation, health camps, eye care camps, sports, cancer detection and sanitation also have more than 40 per cent of women sharing the space.

With its commitment to sustainable growth, BSES has appointed over four lakh energy warriors by organizing energy conservation programs in over 1,300 schools.

According to discom, more than 54,000 women from underprivileged sections of the society have benefitted with Adult Literacy and Vocational Training. It said, “ BSES’ ALC programs have women from all age groups, with the eldest being a great grandmother of 97, who wanted to read religious books. VT programs are helping women gain financial independence.”

The well-being of more than 46,000 women out of the 88,000 beneficiaries was ensured through free camps in health, eye care, tobacco de-addiction and cancer detection.

Also concentrated on increasing safety issues for women, self-defense and training in schools, BSES has so far imparted the necessary skills and knowledge to more than 6,400 girls with their partners- Delhi Police and Trident Solutions.

BSES said, “Apart from this, BSES is also organizing sports tournaments (volleyball and kabaddi) to unearth talent in the rural areas in our licensed areas. Over 5,000 rural residents, including over 2,000 women, have participated in these tournaments.”

BSES said that it has also run sanitation programs along with renovation of toilets, in more than 175 schools and has provided benefits to more than 78,000 students, of which over 40 per cent, around 32,000 are girls.

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