A one stop startup to handle all your CSR spends and practices
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November 21, 2018
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A one stop startup to handle all your CSR spends and practices


Bridge impact, the startup that will handle company’s CSR initiatives, and help you create an impact
As the companies increasingly becoming environmentally aware, and conscious, the need for introducing CSR initiatives become imperative. CSR allows businesses to set up their own philanthropic work, and support community development.

However, the companies are in constant questioning of the money they invest is actually creating an impact. The role of Bridge impact comes here, acting as a bridge between businesses, and the community. Organizations can now use the services of Bridge Impact for meticulous resource utilization.
Sonal Chopra, the founder of Bridge Impact helps the companies align their CSR objectives with the current community needs, creating the most value. The startup also helps increase transparency between firms, and the NGO’s

The conventional ways of managing CSR activities, thereby using manual labor to compile, and monitor reporting data, creates faulty assessment, and information glitches. Therefore enabling firms to be more technology-driven comes with digital CSR management, and reporting.

With a drive to make a difference, Sonal is committed to provide operation efficiency and promote CSR by integrated digital and conventional efforts. Showing compassion towards the unprivileged, Sonal says “Our approach is very simple – donating a blanket will save the destitute from cold, providing them momentarily relief. However, it won’t bring about a lasting change in their lives. To truly make a difference, we must empower them to be self-sustainable.”

The company focuses on providing all the necessary tools to manage the social returns on investments made by the stakeholders. The social responsibility of these companies is shared by Bridge Impact. “While financial performance can be easily assessed using different financial metrics, measurement of social impact in quantified values often becomes a challenging and daunting task for organizations,” says Sonal.

How does Bridge impact handle a company’s CSR?

“Our platform provides an easy-to-use web and mobile interface for effective implementation and real-time monitoring, evaluation and management to achieve maximum impact. Our technology enables mobile data collection, project monitoring and tracking, analysis and insights and auto-generated customized reports that ensure multi-stakeholder involvement in the entire process,” says Sonal.

Not restricting its services to just CSR planning, its execution will also be the responsibility of the intermediary firm. It will help reduce the overhead charges leading to greater fund availability to lead the ultimate cause.
Many businesses have to undertake welfare initiatives on their own, for this means they have to build the necessary infrastructure, and channelize fund. Therefore, coming to rescue, Bridge Impact has helped in forging a resourceful partnership between the firms and itself.

The CSR work is impacted in three phases:

1. Pre-implementation – to yield high social return, the phase chooses partners for project initiations

2. Monitoring and evaluation – the data from the projects, which are even established at remote locations are recorded, and closely observed

3. Reporting and analysis – The frameworks to analyze the changes brought in by the social interventions are then brought together through reporting, and examination

Future Prospects Bridge Impact has implemented programmes to engage employees from different organizations, putting social responsibility on priority at both micro and macro level. The business model charge companies an annual subscription for their services. The firm has indulged in programmes like remedial classes, career counselling, and college admissions to foster overall development of girls in India. Some of its notable contributions are “Hubs of Educational Excellence” which is a collaborated effort with the Government of Rajasthan. Another is the ‘Disability Skilling Project’ for a food and beverage client in Noida, and a ‘Livelihood Skill Training Project’ for a consumer electronics brand.

“The initial phase to convince an enterprise client is tough but once they are onboard and witness the difference created by a digital solution, it is worth all the efforts and struggle. Once a portfolio is created and NGOs start getting donors, it creates a win-win situation for all the key partners involved in a particular programme,” sonal says.

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