American Footballer Josh Norman giving back to his giver
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January 25, 2016
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American Footballer Josh Norman giving back to his giver


Dec 13, 2015; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman (24) after the victory at Bank of America Stadium. The Carolina Panthers remain undefeated with a 38-0 win over Atlanta Falcons. Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Josh_morganA savior always comes in disguise to benefit the mankind, whether it is in that survivor’s acknowledgement or not, the person thrives on making the world, a happy place. One of those saviors is America-based Carolina Panthers’ cornerback, Josh Norman, who recently donated $10,000 to six churches in Greenwood, South Carolina, his childhood pavilion.

One of those churches includes Jacobs Chapel Baptist Church, where the floors of the building were damaged due to the failure of some water heater to work properly. The man has a bond with the place along with strong memories which include his grandfather, as he used to attend the church every Sunday with him.

The Pastor of Jacobs Chapel Baptist Church, Pastor Jerry Brown was in disbelief when the church received a huge amount from the kid who inculcated these traits while attending the church. The Pastor is glad that Norman is still associated with his roots and didn’t forget where he came from.

While tossing the opponents on Sundays, he earns respect and enhances his fan base; and he earns blessings by giving away to those who are dependent on Sunday livings. Norman on the field, without-a-doubt does a great job but his contribution off-field is equally commendable and cannot be forgotten by the ones on receiving end.

These kind gestures not only make a difference to the society but also motivate rest of the people to come forward and do the needful for the ones in need.

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