Turning PM Modi’s Vision Into Reality by Using ZEDPACK’s Non-Woven Bags
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Turning PM Modi’s Vision Into Reality by Using ZEDPACK’s Non-Woven Bags

The mass production of plastics began in the 1940s and 1950s. And almost every piece of plastic produced since then is still on earth, either being reused, lying in the landfills or floating in the ocean water. The amount of plastic being dumped in oceans every year is threatening and unless we put a dent on its usage, few decades from now, there might be more plastic in the sea than the fish.

India’s bold step of banning single-use plastics

India has taken a daring yet commendable measure in reducing plastic pollution by putting a blanket ban on single-use plastics.

During launch of the National Animal Disease Control Programme for eradicating foot and mouth diseases in livestock in UP on September 11, 2019, PM Modi said, “We need to make efforts to rid our homes, offices and workplaces of single-use plastics by 2nd October, 2019. I appeal to self-help groups, civil society, individuals and others to join this mission.”

With India’s estimate annual plastic consumption of about 14 million tons, the bold move taken by the government is expected to reduce the figures by over 5 per cent.

Where do ZEDPACK’s non-woven shopping bags fit in the picture?

Of all the items that come under UN’s definition of ‘single-use plastics’, one such item that we increasingly use on a daily basis is grocery shopping bag. Considering its grave impact upon the environment, the most obvious alternative is paper bag. However, one downside of the latter is the fact that they get easily faltered. This is where the non-woven shopping bags come into picture.

Non-woven shopping bag manufacturers like ZEDPACK have long been taking initiatives to curb plastic bags. Their bags are firm and durable that can be reused innumerable times unlike the plastic and paper bags.

If the appealing look of plastic and paper bags is something you can’t compromise on, fortunately, ZEDPACK has got you covered. Their non-woven shopping bags are equally stylish, available in varying designs and colours, leaving no room for complaints. By collectively adhering to the usage of non-woven shopping bags, we will be reducing a significant amount of plastic wastes, thus, keeping a check on plastic pollution.

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