Gurugram unites to fight air pollution, multiple events organized
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November 30, 2018
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December 5, 2018

Gurugram unites to fight air pollution, multiple events organized


Questioning the system and the state of affairs is a common phenomenon. With increasing pollution concerns and rise in problems related to it, Suncity School, Sector 37 D stepped up and organized ‘Suncity Run – 2018’ – a 5 km symbolic run.

The aim of the run was not only to create awareness amongst the people about increasing health concerns because of bad air quality, but also to provide them with a platform to speak up for the right to clean air. The run brought together the young and the old, to raise the concern and share the importance of clean air. The agenda also included educating them about not only raising concerns and staying indoors, but making efforts to change their habits and asking people to do the same. Highlighting the issue of degrading air quality and ‘it’s time to raise our voice’, was the crux of the event.

The event gave also gave a message about the effectiveness of running irrespective of air quality. “The bottom line is that running and cycling are healthy and, overall, good for the heart,” said Dr. David Newby, a cardiology professor at the University of Edinburgh, in an article published in New York Times about the risk of pollution for athletes who exercise outdoors.

Another event that took place in Gurugram on children’s day saw 5,000 students from 31 schools wearing masks with a message “My right to clean air”, and protested against the government’s plan to build a highway through the Aravali Biodiversity Park, the only green lung for the city. The students were accompanied by teachers and parents.

St. Xavier High School in association with the Times of India, also took an initiative to spread the same message by organizing Xavathon, a mini marathon on December 3 2018. The school students also organized cultural program with a rock band performance and a dance performance all dedicated to requesting people to celebrate a safe and environment-friendly Diwali.

Reebok, one of the biggest fitness brand also organized Float-A-Thon with the Reebok Running Squad and Reebok India to spread awareness about the increasing pollution. The gathering saw hundreds of Gurugrammars.

These and many more initiatives are being taken by people on community and individual levels. Not only students, but people of all ages are actively participating in these activities and showing their concern for the degrading air quality in the city as well as other parts of the country.

With these events, people are voicing their opinions and unlike a few years back, are not just sitting in their homes and complaining about the situation. Rather, they are taking steps that are not only education others, but are also slowly bringing better air quality back to the place.

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