True Value Homes giving moral support to crisis ridden Chennai

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True Value Homes giving moral support to crisis ridden Chennai

True Value Homes

True Value Homes Help Chennai Rain


What Chennai people are going through at the moment, is the Nation’s concern, especially the state Chief Minister and Prime Minister of India. That is why Narendra Modi announced a fund of Rs 1,000 will be given to the Tamil Nadu flood relief.
These funds will cater the basic needs of Chennaikars by providing them milk, water, food and shelter. The Home Minister, Rajnath Singh also showed his concern towards the whole scenario by mentioning about it in Lok Sabha and calling it Alarming. On the other hand, Centre called it Worrisome during a Parliamentary meet.
Airports will remain shut till December 6, 2015, in the hope of better weather condition and water logging dry out from the runways. Indian Meterlogical Department also called the approaching days heavy for the city and the state. Numerous trains have been either diverted to safer routes or got cancelled.
Many Chennai based industrialists showed their concerns towards the situation, just like True Value Homes owner, N. Ravichandran, who passed on his condolences to the families which have lost their loved ones in the tragedy. TVH Real Estate is a renowned land developer in Chennai which is active and aware towards its corporate social responsibilities and keeps organizing campaigns to spread awareness on social issues.
Numerous IT companies have shifted their work to other places and plenty of auto industrialists are going through their worst time of the year.
During this hard hour of need, people just want each other’s support and tiny hope is enough to bring a smile on their faces.

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  1. ankur mehta says:

    Chennaikars had suffered severe from the heavy rain crisis. I am hoping of better weather condition at Chennai. We all must take basic preventive measures to avoid such natural calamities. I will provide my best possible help and support to the Chennai rain victims.

  2. karenjitkaur says:

    Chennai Rains had damaged the major areas and adversely affects the dwellers living condition. The natural calamities are very unfortunate and brought a huge and unrecoverable damages. We must organize campaigns to spread awareness on social issues like these.

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