Relief India Trust empowering the underprivileged

Relief India Trust is proceeding towards a better tomorrow
August 20, 2015
Relief India Trust- trying to make Indian future bright
August 22, 2015

Relief India Trust empowering the underprivileged

Relief India Trust

There are many sections of the society who are living under miserable conditions which are devoid of even fulfillment of basic needs. Such people have all their hopes dashed by reality but what might come as a ray of hope for them is the non-profit organizations working for their welfare. These organizations are committed to resolve their grievances through their volunteer services. These NGOs have harnessed a great support of philanthropists and donors who help it accomplish its goals. One such organization is Relief India Trust which is serving people according to their needs. Some people lack money, some are physically or mentally challenged while some others are orphans or are merely suffering because of being disowned in old age. Relief India Trust, with the help of its family of volunteers and donors, helps such people find new avenue and meet newer hopes. The following points describe how this NGO is helping the ones who are neglected by the society:

Poverty Alleviation

Poverty works like a termite in our society. One major cause for which Relief India Trust extends its services is poverty alleviation. Since its establishment, the NGO has assisted a number of people, who are not in a position to run affairs of their daily lives. After fund raising, the NGO goes to the deserving people and help them purely on need basis, keeping aside their race, creed or caste. So far, Relief India Trust has distributed ample amount of funds in a wide variety of areas of underdeveloped countries

Women empowerment and gender equality

Relief India Trust firmly upholds the dignity of women. The NGO has taken immense efforts to establish gender equality, eradicate sexual, domestic or any kind of gender-based harassment. To achieve this objective, number of awareness camps are arranged from time to time in order to create awareness among people about this fact. Moreover, special emphasis is given to women education and this bases the fundamental for a new kind of mindset.

Provision of advanced health facilities

Relief India trust is working hard to provide adequate and proper health facilities to the people living in deprived areas, where they do not have access to health awareness and facilities. The NGO is working towards building a disease-free world. Relief India Trust is also active in providing free medicine to the underprivileged people and arranging a variety of awareness camps, where expert doctors make people aware of different preventive measures, so as to avoid different diseases.

After reading the above mentioned information, it can be concluded that Relief India Trust is playing a pivotal role in society. In a bid to further enhance its scope, it is necessary that every resourceful person should be ready for extending his services and donations to the NGO.

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