Reebok 2005 Human Rights Report highlights the need of employees

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Reebok 2005 Human Rights Report highlights the need of employees


Whenever the term ‘Human Rights in industry’ arises, a mental picture pop up in minds, where a lot of people are flooding the roads and stir the monotony of daily chorus. Just like the incidence which took place a few years back, when the GM of an automobile company had to face the wrath of its employees. And stereotyping the subject matter is usual on common man’s part. But generalizing the human rights initiative taken by the industrialists for their employees with such an image is totally unfair.

If ‘Human Rights’ in a company is about having the awareness about employees’ haves and have-nots, instead of spreading the awareness, then it also means that the company should know the way out to fill that gap between the both. It’s not always a threatening issue; it is also about motivating the employee who will ultimately contribute to enhance the business.

Following the path of such philosophy, Reebok made its Human Rights Report 2005 public which shows that Human Rights is an integral part of their culture. Reebok believes that its commitment to Human Rights certainly increases the morale of employees and they tend to work towards providing better quality product.

The report depicts the efforts made by Reebok, in order to enhance the health and safety of its employees along with the working hours’ schedule, supply chain, payroll practices and eradicate the discrimination. It’s more like providing a healthy working environment to employees.

Reebok didn’t hesitate to address the issue of Human Rights breaches too. The major reason Reebok Vietnam’s MD admitted behind such breaches, is the pressure on employees during peak production when orders need to get complete in time.

Reebok believes that addressing the issues of Human Rights is a hard nut to crack, but it doesn’t mean that the company shouldn’t put any effort to improvise the same, because it’s the effort that counts at the end of the day. The report has also put emphasis on need to support and motivate the employees and all the valuable assets of the organization by using Human Rights appropriately, so that the have- nots can also enjoy the position of haves, in desirable manner.

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