Neptune Group facilitates education for 56 students by sponsoring school fees

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Neptune Group facilitates education for 56 students by sponsoring school fees


The population of our country is more than 1.2 bn. And every year, there will be cumulative additions to this statistic. The thing to worry is that what will these kids do when they grow up? That’s because a large number of these kids will not be educated. They would have to really push it to make an honest successful living without a quality education backing them up. And as per a recent survey, by 2020, around 70% of Indian population would enter workforce. If these many people aren’t educated, they won’t be able to find employment and hence the crime rate would increase. The need is for the government and NGOs to promote education. Keeping in line with this, Neptune Group trust Neptune Foundation in association with Environmental Medical Association has decided to fund school education fees for 56 students. These students belong to the economically weaker section.

Nayan Bheda of Neptune Group said that this has been done with a view to facilitate education among students. An event was conducted by Neptune Group in which 56 students along with their parents were present. The students were provided with cheques amounting to their school fees.

The 56 kids were surprisingly happy. They rejoiced when they were told they could go to school once again. Many of these kids used to work but now with the financial assistance can focus on learning and education.

The parents at the event said were extremely happy. They extended their gratitude towards the Neptune Foundation. Many were overwhelmed with the fact that their children could now get quality education. Most of these parents were themselves uneducated but were extremely content to realize that their kids could go to good school and make a bright future for themselves.

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