Naturopath Urvashi Gandhi counsels parents to fight child depression and ADHD

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Urvashi Gandhi

Naturopath Urvashi Gandhi has been conducting various workshops which help parents deal with their children. Urvashi majorly focuses on depression and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, the issues whose occurrence is increasing with each passing day. Urvashi’s workshops are gaining popularity as the naturopath focuses on alternative medicines to treat these diseases.

Urvashi Gandhi

Urvashi is an alternative medicine doctor at Mumbai and is an active blogger about the topics relating to naturopathic treatments. She firmly believes that nature has the cure to each of our ailments. Her workshops on depression and ADHD also try to map out a cure in naturopathy.

Urvashi explains to parents the possible causes and treatments of these diseases which are often difficult to map in severe situations.

Urvashi said, “The biggest problem which I encounter while dealing with depression and ADHD is the stereotypical negative perception of parents. Their lack of understanding easily translates into a lack of sympathy. My first roadblock is to discard the taboo associated with such problems.”

The naturopathic solutions which Urvashi offers include following proper diet charts, getting color therapies done and practicing meditation.

Urvashi has always paid special emphasis on meditation as a cure to almost all physical, emotional and psychological ailments. She believes, “Meditation is a flight to the universe of bliss and affection. It is the most compelling yet natural state of being,” as she said in one of her blogs.

Urvashi believes, “Acceptance is the key, when you accept you have a problem, worries and anxieties related to the issue disappear and the solutions miraculously start to appear. Do not fear problems, they are merely just soul lessons which we all need to learn from and  experience in some way or the other, to become the refined human beings and personalities are souls need to be  ”

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