Mumbaikars know how to outshine in a stormy night

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January 7, 2016
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January 14, 2016

Mumbaikars know how to outshine in a stormy night

News Flash:  Shiraz Sorab Ginwalla ignited the party fire the moment clock struck 12 at midnight. The long queues and traffic jam couldn’t restrict his talent and the true spirit of being an Indian came in the limelight with the new day of a New Year.
Indians fall in the category of happiest people on the Earth and know how to keep the party going. The video of dancing man on the jammed streets of Mumbai post-New Year eve is taking a toll over the internet. The man proved that it’s just the perception of the observer which can turn a chaotic and frustrating situation like traffic jam into a dance party.
People are speculating if Shiraz was coming back from a New Year bash and was filled with never-ending enthusiasm or going for his birthday party and started the same in the middle of a busy road. Well, our speculation is just one, happiness doesn’t wait for a reason; it can come anytime, anywhere to anyone.
We often hide our talent or happiness due to our shy nature or the fear of being mocked. But these words don’t exist in the dictionary of people like Shiraz. They see things with optimism and take out their tension in a positive manner by showcasing the world how to cope with such “over-rated” problems; unlike some, who either have a gun or a father for every problem.
Salute to his spirit which is not only open to every situation in life but also to his fans, who love him and encouraged him to keep going on with the show 😉

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