Mission Education

mission education

Most of the times, the  underprivileged do not  possess the  means and the expertise to explore  the  various opportunities and  platforms available to  pursue their  education.
This is where we step in and make  available a vast  array of  information that helps students  make  informed choices. With the  help of NGOs and  other  bodies, we  explore the colleges that actively  seek to enroll low-income students  who show great  promise. The goal is to find new ways to promote  success among low-income students. Higher education is generally seen as the ladder toward economic success, but too few kids are able to climb on and stay on.

We are constantly prodding schools and colleges to figure out ways to get them to graduate after we have helped them build a foundation. Most schools completely ignore the issue of socioeconomic diversity and are less than keen to show their charitable side. It is our duty and privilege to convert that mindset into something more giving and caring.

Every child has the capacity to succeed in school and in life. Yet far too many children, especially those from poor and minority families, are placed at risk by school practices that are based on a sorting paradigm in which some students receive high-expectations instruction while the rest are relegated to lower quality education and lower quality futures. The sorting perspective must be replaced by a “talent development” model that asserts that all children are capable of succeeding in a rich and demanding curriculum with appropriate assistance and support. Our close interaction with authorities, both Government and private, has so far yielded fruitful conversions in such an attitude and we are continually moving forward in that direction.