As a nation, we seem to be following a similar pattern of forcing our youth to develop the interest in academic activities. But Rhiti Group owner, Mr. Arun Pandey believes that sports can inculcate a happier life for children. He also stated that we often force our children to give up on sports to concentrate on studies without realizing how much talent they possess. We fail to understand that their talent and skill can take them to the top level in sports.

We all know the importance of education as it brings discipline to our lives. But at the same time, we need to create a balance between studies and sports. Parents want their children to succeed in life, but fail to understand that nowadays, an individual can achieve a un-parallel success in sports too. Mr. Pandey, the owner of Rhiti Sports, said that parents must support and allow their children to find their feet. He further added that every child must get an equal opportunity of unearthing his/her talent.

The major reason behind our inability to perform well in major sporting events is the lack of exposure given to our talented youth. With limited options, our youth are forced to give up sports. Another reason behind India’s limited success in global events is the fragile sports infrastructure. In major cities, the infrastructure is good, but in rural areas, there’s a dearth of facilities for young players. We need to work hard on incorporating a good sports infrastructure to raise talented athletes in every corner of the country.

Through Rhiti Group, Mr. Arun Pandey is creating opportunities for young athletes in remote areas to showcase their talent on a bigger stage.  If talent is spotted and nurtured at the right time, our youth can compete better in major tournaments. Apart from cricket, there is no adequate structure for other sports in India. Mr. Pandey reiterated that if we can build a balance between academics and sports, and also incorporate a better infrastructure, we can surely turn the tables.


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Kids need to balance academics and sports, says owner of Rhiti Group, Arun Pandey
  • Vishaal S

    I am in complete agreement with what this article talks about. Spoting the right talent from the right age, and grooming them on basis of their natural and acquired skills sets, and the area of interest are key to building our sports loving nation into sports performing nation.
    It will be wonderful to see more sportsperson perform and achieve honours in all the sports disciplines in all major sporting events, at domestic and international levels.
    We at inpro sports are working towards promoting sports and physical education through our highly structured programmes on the ground.
    Our schoolsportz programme is aimed at providing sports education in schools ( and aims to spot talent from grassroot level.
    Our sportzhour programme ( delivers professional sports training programme right at the doorsteps within residential societies and gated community. This is more convenient for parents and for children.
    It will be a high moment for all of us, when we could spot a few sporting talent from early on.

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