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December 19, 2015
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January 4, 2016

Join team Nihal to find 60

ProgeriaWhen you come across small things and those small things affect you to the extent that they don’t remain the exact small thing; you know that, yes this is your moment of inspiration. Same happened with me when I came across a teenage boy’s story on the social media who is suffering from a rare syndrome called Progeria, the same that Amitabh Bachchan brought in the limelight Bolly movie Paa.

The struggle that boy went through at such a tender age, made me think from where did he get that courage to fight the odds? His story provided on single portal was very limited, so my curiosity led me to facebook page of Team Nihal, which is named after the boy, Nihal Bitla. Team Nihal is a group of aware citizens who are on the search to find rest of the children suffering from Progeria, out of 60 (an official data).

I am glad that the guy’s wish came true as he met his favourite Aamir Khan and gifted him a masterpiece. Aamir Khan expressed his happiness this way:
“It was lovely meeting you Nihal, along with your father Srinivas and your sister Vaishnavi. The beautiful Ganesh drawing you made has been sent for framing and will be up in my room. I will look at it and remember you every day. Lots of love. A”

I cannot tell how emotional I am right now, but I can only ask all the readers to please join Team Nihal and help the organisation to find rest of the children suffering from Progeria in India so that they get more than required love and care during their short stay. I joined it and will try my best to make even a difference in their lives till I live.

Source: Team Nihal

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