‘If Hashtags Could Feed’ by Akshaya Patra aims at changing the perspective for better

Relief India trust - crossbarriers
National Seminar on Medical Social Work organized by AIAMSWP, Relief India Trust participates
July 1, 2015
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Rudraksh Group organizes a Blood Donation Camp
July 24, 2015

‘If Hashtags Could Feed’ by Akshaya Patra aims at changing the perspective for better

Akshay Patra Crossbarriers

Social Media has taken our world by storm. And thanks to its liberal nature, it has made us more vocal about our sentiments. We are open, more than ever, about what we feel and don’t have to give it much of a thought before expressing our minds through various social media platforms. We express our concern and emotions very valiantly on this social belvedere and pretend we have done our fair share. But do these virtual supports and expressions bring about changes to the ground reality? They don’t.

‘If Hashtags Could Feed’ (#ifhashtagscouldfeed) is a digital campaign started by Akshaya Patra Foundation. Started on the 30th of June, which is also celebrated as the Social Media Day, this campaign urges to people to make their contributions not just through the virtual media but by  taking real, tangible actions to support their cause.  The campaign which will run for a six months will also at informing people about the cause of Akshaya Patra Foundation. The idea behind this campaign is change the common trend of expressing one’s concern and support for a cause through social platform without making any substantial changes to the situation.

Hashtags have gained a quick popularity in our social life. We use them in almost every social post. Be it about a place, a restaurant, a sentiment or a cause, the hashtags find their way into our every post. They help in spreading the word on the social belvedere, but with this campaign by Akshaya Patra, here’s hoping that people will not restrain their efforts to just social platforms and get down to the process of bringing about a change.

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  2. neeraj verma says:

    akshaya patra doing good work in favor of humanity…

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