Even Corporate Houses like Hindustan Powerprojects are not lagging behind in this social need fulfillment, under the guidance of Ratul Puri.We know that food, shelter and clothing are important for a person’s survival but do you know what is important for the growth of the same? Well, Health and Education are those basic rights of a human that are being catered by lots of government and non-government entities. They ensure the whole Nation’s growth along with individuals’. Even Corporate Houses like Hindustan Powerprojects are not lagging behind in this social need fulfillment, under the guidance of Ratul Puri.

The power giant is aware of its responsibilities in the society and working towards enhancing its relationship with the stakeholders, through whom it thrives to avail best development opportunities. Its initiatives SAFAL and TALEEM are a perfect example that Hindustan Power is trying its best to make India a better place to live in.

SAFAL is the initiative that ensures food sufficiency and sustainable livelihood in the society. Under SAFAL, HPPPL promotes the farm and non-farm based livelihood activities that have reached a requisite level of success in short span of 2 years, where 2000 families came to know about the programme. Those people went through numerous livelihood enhancement programs which helped them learn about improved paddy-wheat and chickpea cultivation, vegetable cultivation, rejuvenation of the lac sector and backyard poultry.

The health programs under SAFAL cover all the scope of outreach clinics, health camps, emergency ambulatory services, consistent health messaging in neighboring villages.

TALEEM is the educational initiative of HPPPL that supports the school dropouts. TALEEM also work with parents’ support which they get from parent-teacher groups and administrative system. It ensures that a child gets all the requisite support that s/he need towards improving his/her life via education.

The Chairman on the Board of Directors at Hindustan Powerprojeects Pvt Ltd, Ratul Puri accepts that the organisation has numerous milestones to reach and cross, and its continuous efforts towards improving India’s status will help the HPPPL to attain that goal while maintaining the quality.

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Big Corporate houses are taking great initiatives in providing health and education in remote areas
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  • Swati sharma

    It’s a very kind deed that hindustan power projects supports SAFAL And TALEEM Campaign.. Doing Very Good deed for Rural People.. I fully Support them and would like to thank Mr. Ratul puri to Support these kind Campaigns For noble Cause..

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  • Leeza

    Very good Initiatives supported by HPPPL trying every possible thing to develop INDIA and want to make INDIA better place to live.. SAFAL and TALEEM are the initiatives supported by HPPPL and I think everyone should help and support these kind of Campaigns.. keep the good deed up HPPPL..

  • lavanya

    I really like this article and very impress with the point of Mr. Ratal puri that improving India’s status will help to maintain the quality of their goals. They Did very good Initiatives.. I also Want to Support SAFAL and TALEEM for helping in Improving Our INDIA

  • Chinmaya

    The Chairaman Of HPPPL Doing Noble Activity by Supporting these initiatives.. Very much happy that corporate houses also helping in this social need fulfillment.

  • Abhishek

    Food is the basic need of humans and the initiatives taken by Hindustan powerprojects is commendable. Really impressive, a very good start

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  • Jasmine

    Providing education to poor kids , Nothing can be better than this.