Companies are inspiring others towards green planet mindset

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January 14, 2016
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January 25, 2016
gtl limited


With so many options available for consumers, the service providers are working on their USPs so that the former one chooses their brand over others. These USPs vary from clients’ affordability to considering the ecological and biological environment. Be it public organization or private, everybody is in horde to beat the others but very less of them seriously care about the society.

GTL Limited has always wished for nurtured planet covered with flora and fauna and has made rigorous efforts to achieve the desired. Such peculiar pursuit has led to the inception of environment management system thence company has dedicated its blood, sweat and tears for the betterment of the planet. It is due to these stabs company has acquired various titles and recognition for its excellence where ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System certificates are the testimony of the same.

Environment Management System works upon the profile of Natural Resources, Handling and Treatment of Waste and Energy Consumption. To be an owner of such numerous accolades, team at GTL Limited is required to work with sincerity and discipline. Among-st all few emphasized on Environment Management System Certification are discussed which clears out the picture on pursuance of the course of actions. Since company operates within the ambit of law Statutory & Voluntary Compliance ensures of the same. While working for accomplishments of goals, GTL Limited keeps a track of activities where it can return back to nature to its possible extent via Reduction in Consumption of Natural Resources. In addition make the most out of waste generated and achieving Green efficiency. Staff at GTL in involved for spreading Awareness and Education among the masses and company’s connections to make sure the taste of healthy environment and its usefulness in intact and unblemished.

GTL has always tried hard for nature’s growth, hoping the spirit of similar is always flourished in hearts of others.

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