Global Foundation, the Public Charitable Trust of the Global Group has come up with yet another noble initiative, Project KNOW (Knowledge on Wheels) in order to promote knowledge and computer education in remote rural areas. The company is globally acknowledged and accredited for its social initiatives that bring about a major change in the lives of many. The organization strives to bridge the economic gap between upper and lower sections of society and looks forward to make this world a better place for the underprivileged sections of society.

Global Foundation started first basic computer training for the new academic year 2016-17 through Knowledge On Wheels (KNOW) bus from 19th June 2016 at Z P School Sada, Devgad. A number of students participated in the training event with zeal, fervor and enthusiasm. It covered the most imperative aspects of computer training like its basic fundamentals, MS word and Paint as the part of the course.

gtl foundation on project know

The fundamental objective of the project KNOW is to spread computer literacy in remote areas and provide an easy access of computer education at school door step. Global Foundation conceptualized and created a state of the art bus equipped with its own generator set, air conditioners and eight computers all networked and loaded with the relevant software for teaching computers. This vehicle moves from one school to another in the identified remote area, where village schools can be covered. The vehicle halts at a particular school for 20 days and provides computer education to children in batches. The project has impacted 10,000 secondary school students in rural areas of Sindhudurg district of Maharastra.

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Project KNOW (Knowledge on Wheels) launched in remote rural areas by Global Group