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January 8, 2016
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January 16, 2016

Being 16 at 60


happinessBeing 60, when I look back at 16-year-old me, I do not waste my time in thinking what all I lost and what I gained. Because I am happy with my current state.

During these 44 years, I have witnessed not only the different generations but also the difference in their ideologies and preferences. But I decided to remain what I used to be back then.

16-year-old me need no reason to stay happy, 60-year-old me neither; 16-year-old me was more like a vagabond, 60-year-old me too; 16-year-old me was a happy person and used to bring the smile on others’ face, 60-year-old me keep the cycle as it is.

During the evolutions of almost half a century, that sweet 16 is still sweet, regardless of being 60.
Want to know my secret?

The secret is contentment from life. The more satisfied you are with yourself and your life, the happier you are.
And the roots of happiness lie in the perception to look at things. Happiness is sharing, in literal life, not on social media; satisfactions is, not wanting more than the need; and reality is, living out of the tablet-stupid box and inside the real world.

Some of you will call it preaching, rather it’s an advice from 60-year-old, who has lived her life and want her forthcoming generation to ‘Live Life King Size’, as you ‘Update’, but doesn’t follow. It doesn’t mean owning everything in the world; it simply means living happily with whatever you’ve got, and consider yourself as the king of the world.

Your happiness lies in your hands and you are the master of your life. It is you who can either make it or break it. Choose wisely!
Happy Choosing!

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