Did he really die because of casteist democracy?

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January 16, 2016
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Did he really die because of casteist democracy?

The concern is not if he was given his stipend or not, it’s not even about being a “so-called” Dalit, rather the society should worry when a person who just completed his early twenties takes such a serious step, Suicide!
The whole life was ahead of him, thoroughly planned and dreamt. But the chaos of misunderstanding/s and power of the right, turned a young aspirant’s dreams into a nightmare.

The man had a number of friends and colleagues and supporters standing with him at every step, but the lonely soul made him so “empty” that he had no other place to enact the consequences of insensitivity and ignorance towards human emotions, than his friend’s apartment.

Rohith was not only a young scholar and a future science writer, he was a real human empathetic towards his race of human only that he thought to plead for mercy in a terrorist’s case, which was called ‘disturbing’ on his part to speak for someone else’s right to live. He pleaded for humanity, neither religion nor casteism.

A young dreamer’s crucial step is certainly a matter of concern for the Nation which is still struggling with issues of casteism and politics in the system. Surely nobody is unaware what so-called scheduled caste and scheduled tribes are going through in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, which also caused the long-awaited partition of both. Maybe that’s the reason that suicide cum ‘the accidental death of an anarchist’ cum the murder of a young spirit is being linked to the issue like casteism.

The psychology behind his ‘political murder’ is still not clear, of which many unsocial creatures are taking advantage by linking a minute fragment of his not-so-happy childhood with him being a Dalit.

The actual matter needs to be brought in right light by focusing on the suicide of a 26-year-old, rather than a Dalit scholar being a victim of politics.

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