National NGO run Campaign for ‘Prevention and Control of Dengue’

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National NGO run Campaign for ‘Prevention and Control of Dengue’

National Ngo Dengue Awareness Camp

The cases of dengue are increasing with each passing day. It is one of the most common arthropod-borne viral diseases which is widely spreading these days. With the increase in the incidents of dengue, it has become one of the major concerning issues. There arises a dire need for appropriate measures to safeguard people against this disease. The increase in the number of people affected by dengue has resulted in the hospitals grappling with shortage of beds for the patients. Having this as their major concern, many organizations are making efforts to help people fight this deadly disease.

A Campaign for ‘Prevention and Control of Dengue’ was organized by the volunteers and members of National Organisation For Social Empowerment at Bhumiheen camp, nearby Kathak School in Govind Puri on 26th September 2015.The campaign aimed at increasing awareness about dengue and its root causes among the people of Bhumiheen camp. More than ¬200 people living in the slums of Bhumiheen area came to the campaign for free dengue checkup.

A volunteer of National NGO said that the campaign focused on the all the facts and information about the causes and transmission of dengue fever, the symptoms & signs, the incubation period, diagnosis of dengue fever and the home remedies to combat it. It also stressed on the need for keeping a check on stagnant water, cleaning out empty flower pots and not watering potted plants as measures against this disease.

The official spokesperson of National NGO said that such a campaign was much needed in that area as Bhumiheen Camp is one of the most vulnerable and backward areas in Delhi. The livings conditions of this area are miserable. The poor drainage systems and congested narrow streets make it prone to many diseases. Thus it becomes important to work for the welfare of such deprived sections of society.

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