Awareness Program


In today’s digitally advanced world,there are abundant courses available to pursue. However, with limited means,children from the weaker section of society are hampered and have less than  limited knowledge of all that is on offer.
Our work wouldn’t be possible without our wide range of partnerships, from citizens, companies, and coalitions. Our extensive network of volunteers and experts gather all the relevant information and distribute the same among our students. We also guide them on the choices that they ought to make.
We provide students with school textbooks, notebooks and learning material and kits for better understanding of concepts for stronger intelligence building.
With your support we can provide:

    1. Quality day care centers and elementary schools Classroom equipment and furniture Teaching and learning materials, including current textbooks, maps, globes, teaching manuals, writing supplies, chalkboards, etc.
    2. Playgrounds and other recreational areas for children.
    3. Training for teachers, principals, and child care providers.
    4. Training of parent-teacher associations and school management committees.